So far, and keep in mind that harvest for me is only 4 days old, this has been my calmest harvest. The last 2 years I juggled full time bar work, full-time production work, while also making my wine. This year, starting this weekend, almost all my time and focus will be on my wine. Since I don’t (relatively) make that much wine, that means perhaps this won’t be an overly exhausting couple of months. Of course things have yet to really kick off, so all these observations are subject to change.

Every year I’ve made wine so far, I’ve felt too short on time to actually dedicate to what I am doing, to my wine. This year is different. More time, more focus. And feeling like I am actually Doing This. No longer can I consider this a trial, an exploratory endeavor. My production is jumping up to ~450 cases. Not an insignificant amount of wine, and not an insignificant investment. This is insanely exciting.

Tomorrow I round up more grapes. 1 ton of Pinot Noir from Sojourner Vineyard is coming in the door. Maybe I process tomorrow night (after my bar shift?), or else I wait until Saturday. Either way, soon the punchdowns begin.

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Dig this: you’re going to a show, or maybe just to dinner or out for drinks. You go to the @dougfirlounge and what should you get? How about some Jackalope? That’s right, it’s on the list! (Thanks for the love!)
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